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Advanced trading plans for forex internal

Over 70 preset technical indicators Create your own technical indicators Full back test simulation of any trading strategy The advanced charts package, provided by leading software provider IT-Finance, gives you the power to view and use your charts exactly.
You can choose from a huge range of chart styles, drawing objects and overlays, and also create complex rule-based alerts to monitor your markets.
In-built technical indicator addition to drawing trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, fans and arcs, you can choose to apply any of over 70 different technical indicators to your trading chart.
Select any indicator to see how it is calculated and a suggestion of how it is normally interpreted. Then select your own parameters for the indicator. Custom One of the greatest benefits of the advanced charts package is the degree to which it can be tailored to your exact needs as a trader.
You can change the colour and styles of your charts and the chart grid, modify any of the preset indicators, or create your own
indicators. The simple Pro Builder language enables you to create your own programs using the price quotes from any of our markets. There is also a wizard to take you through the process of defining your strategy for testing.
Any modifications you make can be saved, and you can also save particular settings as quick templates for future analysis. Find out more in our Advanced Charts: Pro Builder Guide.
Full back test simulation The comprehensive Pro Back test module allows you to define your money management rules, set any combination of trigger conditions using the preset or self-generated
technical indicators and then run a full simulation of your trading performance against our historical data for that market You will receive a full statistical report on the performance of your trading strategy, breaking down the return on your initial capital, the number and frequency of trades, plus detailed lists of the exact orders and trades you would have made during the test period.
You’ll also see the equity curve, showing the evolution of your initial capital since the beginning of the simulation, and a histogram of your open positions over the test period.
Once you’ve run the simulation you can easily adapt your variables and optimise your strategy against the historical data, running as many further tests as you want.


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