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Trading with Ava Trade via the Internet

Given that Ava Trade has around 200,000 active monthly users which execute an estimated $60 billion worth of trades every single month, it should not come as a surprise that they offer an extensive selection of trading options. Here is what you can trade with Ava trade. Forex Those looking to will not be disappointed with Ava Trade’s offerings. As of 2020, they currently offer 55different currency pairs and crosses. Its spreads are some of the best out of any online brokerage and typically range between 0.9 and 1.7. All of the classic pairs are available for trading, as well as some more exotic ones.
These include Although not as extensive as the forex offerings, Ava Trade allows users to trade a decent number of pairs and make deposits and withdrawals via a secure, user-friendly e-wallet. The crypto trading currently offered by Ava Trade Trading on a limited number of crypto/fiat pairs, such as BTC/GBP, is also possible on Ava Trade’s platform. Anyone looking to in real-time will also find plenty to love about Ava Trade. CFD trading is powered on Ava Trade by Meta Trader 4, one of the most comprehensive CFD trading tools on the market. Users can trade a total of 17 commodity CFDs with Ava Trade. In addition, CFDs on 500 individual stocks and shares are also available, as well as NASDAQ 100 CFD trading. Two bond CFDs are also offered by Ava Trade. Opening an Ava Trade Account People in dozens of countries and territories around the world can legally trade with Ava Trade, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, France, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia People residing in the United States, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, India, and Afghanistan cannot open an account with Ava Trade. What Are the Different Types of Account? Ava Trade offers several accounts that will appeal to different types of traders and investors. Here are their most popular account types: Demo Account: a 21-day free trial account that you can access all of Ava Trade’s features and trade with dummy money. Retail Account: An EU version of their ‘standard’ account.
Professional Account: A specialized account tailored to users who meet a high threshold for trading volumes. VIP Account: Low spreads for those who may a deposit of €10,000 or higher. Standard Account: The regular account for traders outside of the EU. Betting Account: An account with a specific focus on spread betting. Only available to EU-based traders.
Partner Account: An account for those wishing to work as a broker affiliate for Ava Trade and earn commission by referring friends
Corporate Account: An account for those who trade under a registered company. Islamic Account an account for traders who wish to follow principles Law when trading currencies are not available. How to Open an Account with Ava Trade Opening an account with Ava Trade is a relatively simple and straight foward process.
To begin, your best bet is to head to click the links on the banners you see on this page and click the register button on the Ava Trade site Once you have done this, you will be invited to enter your name and email address, as well as a password to setup the account. Before you can start trading, you will also need to provide Ava Trade with additional personal information, including your occupation, total estimated annual income, net worth, and the source of the money you will be using for trading (options are: employment, investments, inheritance, real estate, or savings).
Next, all you need to do is wait for Ava Trade to verify your account, which typically takes a few minutes. From here, simply make your first deposit and you can begin trading. The whole registration process can be done in less than ten minutes Ava Trade Fee While Ava Trade does not charge commissions on trades, there are some non-trading fees and other fees that you’ll incur as a user of the platform, which you should be aware of: Trading Fees Ava Trade does not charge any commission on trades whatsoever. However, they do charge spreads which are generally quite competitive.
Ava Trade offers typically spreads of 0.9 pips. Users will find that Ava Trade’s spreads are more competitive for those who have deposited less money. Those with thousands of dollars in their account will likely find more competitive spreads elsewhere. Non-Trading Fees here are a number of non-trading fees that Ava Trade can impose and that you should be aware of before creating an account. There are Fee: €50 per quarter of inactivity Overnight Fee: Variable fees on trades made after 10pm GMT Ad ministrative Fee: €100 after 12 months of inactivity Fees for optional add-on services.
Ava Trade Deposits & Withdrawals There is a range of currencies available for trading and investing at Ava Trade, as well as a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Base Currencies When you open an account with Ava Trade, you can make deposits and with drawls with the following currencies US Dollar Great British Pound Swiss Franc This is, admittedly, more limited than what we would expect from such an established trading platform. hat is the minimum deposit at Ava Trade? The minimum deposit amount is, unfortunately, one of the highest we have ever seen.
All traders must make a minimum deposit of €100/$100/£100. This applies no matter what method or account you are signing up for. Deposit Methods and Fees here are no deposit fees charged by Ava Trade. Whether you deposit $100 or $10,000, that money is not subject to any fees whatsoever. Deposits can be made via credit and debit card, or wire transfer (e-wallets are available for non-EU and non-Australian customers).
It Methods and Fees There are no withdrawal fees charged by Ava Trade, which is something that many competitor platforms do not offer. Withdrawals can be made via credit or debit card, wire transfer, Skrill Neteller, and Web Money. Withdrawal requests typically take between one and five days to process. Customer support Given that Ava Trade is subject to regulation by some of the world’s leading financial conduct authorities, the scope and availability of their customer support is extensive and impressive. If you have any questions or issues with your Ava Trade account, you can contact their support team during GMT trading hours via a variety of means:

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