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Many traders lose money in complicated market situations

yes the end is we see okay i think that this trade many traders got stopped out okay because after the break out here
the price dropped down below at 92 30 the breakout was 92.45 okay at least four day traders
15 pip stock plus i don’t know if there are data’s that have 15 pips stopped loss i have done 11 pip stop plus maximum so and the price action was promising even though the you know the candle size is big so i expect high volatility on this pair in this case okay looking chart so for me this was a loser even though the price then retested this level at 92 30 and went up in 92 72 i usually don’t use martingale or white supplies sport so for me it’s a loser let’s jump to silver um
yes it looks accessible but not good at all for me okay price action looks choppy okay we don’t have a very clear upward movement you know you can compare it with the previous charts break out very strong going up to 22 45 signal here 22 32 or 13 pips not enough and i went back down down inside so many traders here got stopped out another loser let’s see the british pawn and the canadian dollar but this pound is having so much trouble in this uh period so a nice downward movement
breakout you see you know the the size of the candles are small so it’s very promising when the markets moves and behaved this way you’re gonna have satisfaction okay so break out to 69 15 uh going down to 67.31 so another huge trade for trade day for training stock traders
usd japanese this is a fresh one but as you can see the price is retracing inside a pattern we will see what will happen i know you uh today i’m not reading the usd japanese yeah
Many traders lose money in complicated market situations. I don’t like investing my money when the market direction is uncertain and that’s why I love trading with the continuation patterns on the trending markets. In this video I show you a simple, automatic and fast way to identify the best continuation patterns to select the best possible trades. Since I have little time available during the day I use a reliable online software: Forex Trendy. Thanks to Forex Trendy I can find the best continuation patterns that are formed on 34 Forex Pairs on each time frame. You will find every time frame for each trading style, whether you are a scalper, a swing trader or a day trader, it doesn’t matter. You will find in Forex Trendy a very valid ally for your trading system. Not only will you receive excellent quality signals but you can count on a powerful algorithm that can identify patterns even where the human eye would fail!Obviously Forex Trendy is not a magical tool, it won’t make you rich overnight, you’ll have to apply yourself consistently day after day. In fact, it is an indispensable tool that every trader must have, to avoid blunders due to haste, fatigue and emotion.
Disclaimer: trading is a high risk business, do not invest more than you are willing to lose. The information contained in this video is purely for information purposes, no operation should be carried out based on what is seen in the video. The author of the video declines any responsibility for any losses due to decisions made after watching this video. Past performance is no guarantee for future ones. Thanks.
another good trade on the five minute time frame for all the day traders out there watching until the end because i’m gonna show you the winners and the losers of the day
hello everybody welcome back to another video i’m back with another forex trendy episode today i’m gonna show you what happened on the first market on the day trading site we are on the five minute time frame before starting subscribe not to miss the next videos if we get to the 1000 subscribers that would be a very good gift for my viewers leave a like leave a comment let me know if you’re using forex trendy how you use it and so on so the first trade of the is the usdar and the japanese yen we have a flag buy signal break at 1346. so the uptrend was pretty strong you know first bullish inputs retracement second bullish inputs retracement you’re close to the 48 level and then the breakout
then we got a retest again on previous eye here around 1345 and then going up to the 1372 so a nice trade for the trading targets around 20 pips
that’s the describe okay let’s jump to the canadian dollar japanese yen a very nice trade you know this is a textbook trade we got the first bullish impulse that the falling wedge here uh breakout classic retest on the trend line and then the price going up reaching the 89.83
starting from 88.98 so a huge one okay for traders that usually uh said that the trailing stop is a very good trade okay i used to really stop in
in some market scenarios where i see that the trend is pretty strong i check of course the higher time frame to see if there is possibilities for a continuation let’s jump to oil we have a triangle bicycle which is 69.82 same story we got a very nice bullish impulse and the market braiding a little bit retest year the price back inside the pattern but no below this previous lows here and then going up to 72 37 29 no 30 okay so another another good trade okay of course you will find winners but you will find losers too so don’t think that you’re gonna win all the trades use stop loss and you will be fine of course you must have strategies euro australian dollar our rising wage sales signal we got a huge sell-off uh breakout at five nine ninety one so no resist uh the downward movement was uh solid
we got a very strong downtrend again another situation for training stop here okay the price now is at 58.09
wow this is huge this is a huge trade i usually have 20 pips targets third pips are even maximum it depends on the pair but this one is huge so if you are one of those traders that does a multi-time frame analysis and as a very good strategy for trend following okay because you see that there are not solid supports or resistances okay and then you set the training stop you will be fine when you find a very good downtrending or upturning pair
euro new zealand dollar the same story uh we got this breakout here over the previous eyes
retesting again and the producer which is uh
i still shouldn’t start and uh then the breakout no retest downward moment downward trend again going down to 65 86 from 67.22 so another very good trade okay you see you you can get many possibilities on uh on the forest market using forex trendy of course not all the days are gonna be this green okay you’re gonna find losers remember okay i don’t want to be uh i’m correct okay i always want to be correct with my viewers

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