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Technical analysis of the US dollar against the Japanese yen

trading is a high risk business, do not invest more than you are willing to lose. The information contained in this video is purely for information purposes, no operation should be carried out based on what is seen in the video. The author of the video declines any responsibility for any losses due to decisions made after watching this video. Past performance is no guarantee for future ones.
hello everybody welcome back to another video today i’m going to show you which opportunities we can find on the forex market for the next days before starting subscribe not to miss next videos leave a like if you liked the video and of course share your opinion with me and the other
viewers of course is very important to me uh don’t be shy because i will not judge you everybody got their opinions on the market markets are unpredictable so we are not perfect by the way uh my first pick for today is the us dollar and the japanese yen because price action looks pretty strong so we are in a bullish environment okay and uh of course we have this uh bull flag and the breakout
the trend line here uh the price now now is retesting the timeline so what we may expect for the next days of course this is not a financial advice because the markets are unpredictable but scenarios are many you know but the first one is the price uh rebounding on this price structure year around 114 and then going up okay follow me because tell you important uh very important things okay uh the second one the price uh following a little bit retesting the 1350 or even better the 113
or the 50 moving average around 1 12 and a half so by the way if buyers take control again we can expect the price to rebound on these three levels okay and then going up if they can push the price above 115 then we will be in a buy situation okay um looking at the extension we can see that the 11618 just lands here at 160.
so we will keep an eye on on this uh situation of course trading according uh your strategies this is not a financial advice of course everybody got different strategies
Trading is a high risk activity, protect your capital through the use of stop loss, making intelligent use of leverage and not investing more than you are willing to lose. The author of the post declines any responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of decisions made after reading this article.
The information contained below is for informational purposes only. CFDs are complex instruments, therefore adequate knowledge is required before making any investment. Thank you for your kind attention!
Daily market analysis, in this video I will analyze the current situation of USDJPY and explore possible developments. This analysis is in no way financial advice, no trade should be done solely by watching this video, trade according to your own strategies and rules.

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